GK 1200 TT
GK 1200 FA
GK 1200 SA
Upgrades on existing gluekitchens
Recipe tuning

Glue making has proven to be a very important process in the corrugating industry.
To improve the glue making process, additives and modified starches are used which
will usually increase the cost; SRP-Europe has developed a solution that will result
in a significant cost benefit. In the corrugating industry different solutions are
needed for various operating circumstances.


The GK1200 range can always be upgraded to the next model (SA to FA, FA to TT).
The important characteristic features are:

  • High Shear Mixer (stainless steel)
  • A conic shaped preparation tank (stainless steel) with high quality loadcells
  • All components built in one skid
  • PLC-controls with manual overrides and scale units
  • Local touchscreen for machine operation
  • Small batches, always fresh glue
  • Flexible Batch Sequencing
  • Exact dosing of ingredients
  • Automatic overshoot correction
  • Low maintenance and commonly available parts
  • On-line service support